Behind the Scenes of "Obscurotica" (video)

Hey folks, here's another quick peek behind the scenes during the recording of "Obscurotica." Today's video shows how I keep track of all the different things that go into recording the songs, and addresses the question about the hat. I also have a question for you about my guitars.

Progress is definitely being made on "Obscurotica." Unfortunately, we have missed the original release date, and the rescheduled release date, and the re-rescheduled release date. (lol) I've touched on the reasons for the delays in previous blogs, and new things pop up on a weekly basis, but this album will see the light of day in the relatively near future. I am digging in with everything I have, and as I make progress my resolution grows and my efforts are redoubled. Thank you all for your patience regarding this new album!

 Until next time, be kind, live well, and rock hard!