So long, 2017!!

Well, another year zipped by. While I managed to be absurdly busy pretty much every minute of every day, it kind of feels like I didn't get much done over the course of the year. Turns out, I actually did quite a bit. I kind of resist the "years-end" lists, but I'm playing along this year. Here are the highlights:

The Music Bits

  • Collaborated with the amazing Melissa Ridgeway on "Ramona's Prayer," Ramona's Prayer cover artwhich was released as a single and featured in a short experimental film. Piano, violins, and no guitars! Full story here.
  • Collaborated with singer-songwriter Jerry Dale Harrison an acoustic version of David Bowie's "Lazarus," which spawned "The Colborn Harris Project." More on the tune here.
  • Performed several concerts as the sometimes acoustic, sometimes acoustic + electric duo "The Colborn Harris Project."
  • Worked as co-producer and engineer on several projects with Jerry Dale Harris
  • Began cleaning up old recordings of my old band Cheater, with an eye towards releasing an album eventually
  • Began serious recording for my next full length album, "Obscurotica."

The Non-Music Bits

  • Traveled a lot with my wife, and some with her and the kids Stonehenge(New Mexico, Colorado, England, and more)
  • Upgraded a bunch of things in my recording studio (with the associated learning curves)
  • Quit Facebook. More here.
  • Sort of came back to Facebook.
  • Joined Instagram.
  • Wrote quite a few blog posts here.
  • Made some videos, most of which are in the blog posts
  • Produced a limited run of "Cheater" t-shirts & sold out of them

Miscellaneous Bits

Naturally, there was much more in my life due to being a husband, father, brother, and homeowner. All of that takes up time, too. In addition to all the previously mentioned things, I started to write a collection of short stories, and did some work recovering & re-digitizing all the materials I have related to my old band, Cheater. I also roughed out an outline for a book (booklet, maybe?) on my time with Cheater, which I hope to publish with the release of the recordings. 

So, that's my year in a nutshell. I got a lot done on the recording of "Obscurotica," which I hope to have done for you guys and available by mid- to late spring. Drop by here for updates, or Instagram, and I suppose, even Facebook. ;-) Feel free to drop me an email, too, anytime you're wondering what's happening in my world or to fill me in on your world. 

Until next time, be kind, live well, and rock hard!