Box Set - 4 CD set in handmade wooden box

This box set is a truly unique item, and a CPG Exclusive. All four of Clark's CDs in a handmade wooden box, made by Clark himself. Due to this fact, the available number of these box sets is extremely limited.


Each box is truly unique because of the variations in wood grain, variations caused by the hand staining process, and variations caused by the technique used to apply the box graphics. In addition, Clark will label the top of each box set by hand with your name & his signature. Here's everything you get:

  • The Clark Plays Guitar full length CD
  • Again full length CD
  • Deluxe Limited Edition of Frank Made Me Do It EP with 12 page booklet
  • Deluxe Limited Edition of Ones and Zeros EP with 8 page booklet
  • Solid oak box handmade by Clark
  • Personal inscription to you, dated & signed by Clark
  • Free Priority Mail shipping to the USA
  • BONUS! Signed 11x17 Again poster


Due to this being a handmade and personalized item, and Clark's busy schedule, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

2016 HOLIDAY UPDATE: Clark has enough preliminary work done on 2 box sets that if you order before December 11 you will have it in time for Christmas. (USA shipping only.)

 Please double check your inscription!

Name to be on the inscription:


Inflatable Guitar - the evolution of the "Air Guitar"

The next level in air guitars! If you've been playing air guitar (and really, who hasn't?) and are ready to take it to the next level, this is for you. It is still an "air" guitar, since it is filled with air, but has all of the same benefits of your old, entry level air guitar plus a whole lot more!

  • Won't go out of tune
  • Feedback is totally controlled by your imagination
  • Requires no amplification (because it makes no sound, duh.)
  • Lightweight!
  • Full sized
  • 3 pick-ups! (Well... 3 images of pick-ups)
  • Whammy bar! (Again, it's really just an image of a whammy bar)
  • Cool looks!
  • Requires no more skill or talent than the original Air Guitar, but looks way cooler!
  • Available in three colors: red, blue, or green


   $6.50 includes free shipping in the USA

Vinyl LP Clock - made from an actual LP

This limited edition, vinyl LP clock is as cool as it gets! Made from actual vinyl LPs, these clocks are handmade here at the Radio Alarm Entertainment Group World Headquarters. We’ve taken old LPs that were either unplayable or so common that no one wanted them, and rather than see them go into a landfill somewhere, we’ve re-labeled them and created super-cool clocks from them!

These are actual records, so they will have scratches & obvious signs of wear & tear on them, and honestly, we think that just adds to the cool factor. The clock movement is a quartz mechanism, sealed in a dust-proof plastic case, and operates on a single AA battery (included).

Great for vinyl record lovers, recording studios, musicians, music fans, and anyone who likes to know what time it is!

$29.95 + shipping