Inflatable Guitar - the evolution of the "Air Guitar"

The next level in air guitars! If you've been playing air guitar (and really, who hasn't?) and are ready to take it to the next level, this is for you. It is still an "air" guitar, since it is filled with air, but has all of the same benefits of your old, entry level air guitar plus a whole lot more!

  • Won't go out of tune
  • Feedback is totally controlled by your imagination
  • Requires no amplification (because it makes no sound, duh.)
  • Lightweight!
  • Full sized
  • 3 pick-ups! (Well... 3 images of pick-ups)
  • Whammy bar! (Again, it's really just an image of a whammy bar)
  • Cool looks!
  • Requires no more skill or talent than the original Air Guitar, but looks way cooler!
  • Available in three colors: red, blue, or green


   $6.50 includes free shipping in the USA