NWRBLF drummer

Seriously, that’s very, very close to what the ad headline said. Maybe even exactly what it said. I had no clue what they meant by this, and just to make certain I wasn’t being abnormally dense, I asked some other folks what they thought it meant. Here’s some of what they said, in no particular order:

  • New Wannabe Rocker Banging Loud Fast drummer
  • Nerdy, Wobbly, Rather Burpy, Louder, Faster drummer
  • Never Wears Rubber Boots..Lucky F***ing Drummer
  • Not With Rock Band, Little Faithless drummer
  • Necrophiliac Wears Red Basque, Loves Fun drummer
  • Never Worked Rickshaws, But Loves Facebook drummer
  • Newly Wed, Really Broke, Lacks Funds drummer
  • No Way Ronald Barfed Last Friday, Drummer
  • Nasty With Razors Better Live Forever drummer
  • No Women Rock Big Leprechaun Feet, drummer
  • Nubile Whores Really Bring Lustful Funny drummer
  • Neil Wanted Rush Before Lady Fruitcake drummer
  • No Way Rock Bands Like Fish Drummer
  • Notoriety Wins Really Big Loyal Fanbase drummer
  • Not Worthy Rhythm BLow Fishing drummer?
  • Naked Wild Ridiculous Blatant Leftfield Frickin´drummer?
  • Naughty Whistling Rocking Bastardly Lousy Facemelting drummer
  • Not Worth Rotten Beef Lame F**k drummer
  • New Wild Ripped Badass Looking Fired-up drummer
  • Not With Reality Been Looking Fried drummer
  • Not White Really Brown Leftover Flounder drummer
  • New Woman Rocker Bitch Lotsa Female DRUMMER
  • Nude Wondering Recklessly Bald Left Footed DRUMMER

Wow! And if you read my post that this page supplements, you’ll know that I guessed “Nerdy White Rapper Becoming Lousy Fat drummer.” And we are all wrong!

It turns out it stood for “Nearly Working Rock Band Looking For drummer.”  And who says rock musicians are not very bright…

Special thanks to all who contributed guesses: (again, in no particular order) Peter Cox, Billy Grisak, Allen Tate, Gary Stapley-Bourne, Gary Hill, Bjørnar Dahl, Brad Finnan, Michelle Turner Hoskins, Adam Colborn, and Bill Smeed.